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Changes that Youll Expect During Pregnancy


Category : Healthy Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Issues, Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings along many changes in your body. The moment fertilization starts – that is the meeting of the male sperm and the woman’s egg and lodged on to the uterus, great changes takes place. And such a great wonder and awe to witness this ever seemingly ironical gestation event. It feels so good yet painful; it feels so exciting yet a little bit confused.

This is precisely part of those changes such as mood swings, along with physical changes to wit.

  • Nausea or what is called morning sickness (it could be felt at different times during the day)
  • Pain on your back and legs
  • Constipation (that may lead to hemorrhoids)
  • Heartburn
  • Short of breath
  • Tiredness
  • Frequent urination
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Swelling of hands and feet

Nausea is a very common sign of pregnancy. At the onset of pregnancy the woman would experience it at different times of the day. Generally speaking, as this nausea feeling may occur very often during the early part of pregnancy, the pregnant woman must avoid eating greasy or oily foods. Along with nausea, pain on your back and on your legs is evident.

Pain on your back and legs are very normal to occur as the baby is growing in your womb. These pains could be alleviated by a regular light massage (more like touching). And since these pains involve your back and your legs, certain alleviatory actions can be employed such as when sitting down, make sure the back rest is straight and not curving, even as your bed must be firm and does not curve when you lie down. Also, when you lift don’t bend from the waist but on the knee.

Another change that may occur during pregnancy is constipation. You don’t even have to wait for it to occur before you start doing these two things: drink plenty of water beyond the normal number of glasses to drink per day as well as other fluids like fresh fruit juices. Eat fiber foods like salads. Heartburn may also occur during the entire gestation period so you must just really have to eat the right foods (no hot and spicy foods) and just enough, don’t get yourself stuffed.

When you just eat the right kinds of foods and do the right things during pregnancy, everything will go well with your pregnancy. As tiredness can also take place, just get enough rest and exercise. What enough rest and exercise is enough? Listen to your body. Don’t get yourself stressed. All other functions of the body must be normal like urination but if it is becoming abnormal consult your doctor, don’t self-medicate.

Pregnancy is a very glorious thing to happen. If you look at the changes meditatively that’s taking place during pregnancy, you will be awed by the wonder of human creation. When the pregnant woman understand the natural purpose of the pains of life, she will have more gratefulness that would cover the pains she experiences as changes in her body takes place during pregnancy.

Emotions During Pregnancy: How to Handle Them


Category : Healthy Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Issues, Symptoms of Pregnancy, Things to Do While Pregnant

The many changes in the pregnant woman’s body bring along with it many different emotions. The hormonal changes and the physical changes are just too great that mood swings can go to the point of confusion for both the mother and her partner. However, understanding that these emotions during pregnancy are normal to come out and knowing what must be done can make things lighter for both the mother and her husband.

There are emotions during pregnancy that are very pronounced in every trimester. The first trimester can really bring unstable feelings in the mother. She may feel so depressed at this point for reasons that she could not point her fingers to. It is like the changes are so fresh and could be felt for the first time that the mother does not know yet how to handle.

It is commonly believed that these emotions during pregnancy are brought about by these two hormones: estrogen and progesterone. So extremely alien an emotion they bring that it could go from extreme happiness to a very deep feeling of despair and brings the woman into tears for no apparent reason at all. In response to this seemingly confusing behavior, the husband may just withdraw and ignore the situation and would just continue to take care of her partner knowing for a fact that she needs him badly at this point. And even when the husband could feel so inadequate to appease his partner’s confusion, he must just love her consistently and continue to take care of her.

The increased need for love and affection by the wife to her partner that could seemingly make her feel so unsatisfied would make the pregnant woman perceive her partner as unloving and seemingly not supportive of her every wish. She could be making demands to her partner without any apparent reason why. However, having known very much prior to her noticeable pregnancy that all this are normal occurrences in pregnancy would make both partners better prepared to handle it.

What better way to be prepared in handling these emotions during pregnancy, the woman must really be opened to hear and listen to those who have gone ahead and have ample experiences in pregnancy. When the woman does this, she could really get sufficient support and act accordingly. In this manner, everything during her entire gestation period would just go relatively normal.

After the woman has gone through the first trimester of her pregnancy the second and third trimester changes would be somewhat easier to handle even if these specific pregnancy stages brings about bigger and larger challenges, not to mention the growing stomach and the heaviness it brings to the woman. With so much anticipation of the coming out of the baby into this world, it just naturally appeases everything. The woman would feel at this subsequent stages pride of having to deliver soon a life that is a product of love. There is nothing so rewarding for the woman which is just a feeling next to having actually delivered her offspring.

The Best Foods for Pregnant Women That Provides Nutrients to the Growing Baby


Category : Healthy Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Issues, Symptoms of Pregnancy, Things to Do While Pregnant

The pregnancy stage of a woman is such a delicate condition that extra care must be employed by her. She must take some careful steps to maintain the integrity of her pregnancy – that is to protect the safety and that of her baby inside her womb. Such extra care includes taking the right diet – best foods for pregnant women, along with getting the right amount of exercise and regular visit to her doctor. Certain foods have to be considered and which she must confer to her doctor to avoid the condition of gestational diabetes.

The best foods for pregnant women are the following:

Causes of Stretch Marks: The Usual Culprits and How to Solve Them


Category : Pregnancy, Pregnancy Issues, Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are a number of causes of stretch marks but generally speaking it results from the skin rapidly stretching due to rapid weight gain or loss. It could also be a result of hormonal changes that’s taking place during puberty and pregnancy, as well as during muscle building and hormone replacement therapy. In any of these causes, the fact that it gives an unpleasant appearance has caused the concerns of many who have experienced it.

What are the biological functions involved in the stretch marks? Let’s take note of the following involved biological functions and structures:

  • Glucocorticoid hormones
  • Dermis (dermal and epidermal)
  • Fibroblasts
  • Collagen fibers
  • Elastin fibers

Pregnancy Stretch Marks: No Concern At All Than Mere Itch


Category : Pregnancy, Pregnancy Issues, Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a condition in a woman where many changes take place in her body. The introduction of the male sperm is met with the woman’s egg inside her uterus and the rest of the big changes in the woman’s body follow. The uterus expands and the whole tummy expands stretching the skin in that area so tightly for a period of nine months. What could possibly happen to the skin but to leave pregnancy stretch marks?

Pregnancy stretch mark is a scarring in the skin due to the stretching caused by the growing fetus inside the mother’s womb. In dermatology, it is called striae gravidarum, and could disappear after giving birth of the mother but may still leave little marks that won’t anymore disappear. Some mothers are afraid to have these marks but what’s the big deal? If you truly understand the role of a mother, love will erase all scars that could include not minding those pregnancy stretch marks.

Having a Baby: How to Deal with the Pregnancy Waiting Game


Category : Healthy Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Symptoms of Pregnancy, Things to Do While Pregnant

While having a baby is cause for happiness and excitement, a big chunk of the nine-month pregnancy would usually be spent in anxiety and fear.  While this is normal, the best way to ease your nagging thoughts is to prepare yourself for the incoming bundle of joy. Here are a few tips to make sure that the transition from being a cozy couple to a family of three goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Having a Baby is a Great Excuse to Throw a Party!

Organize a get together among friends to celebrate your being on the cusp of motherhood. Don’t forget to be part of the gift registry in baby stores to make sure that your baby shower gifts are things you’ll be needing.

  • When in Doubt, Google.

Pregnancy is synonymous to impatience and discomfort. To ease your worries, scour pregnancy blogs and forums to see how other pregnant women deal with everyday problems. Having a baby is a universal experience and you’ll enjoy reading up on other people’s experiences and sharing your own insights as well.

Some Infectious Diseases To Avoid During Pregnancy


Category : Healthy Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Issues, Symptoms of Pregnancy, Things to Avoid While Pregnant

Just like anyone else, pregnant women can contract viral or bacterial infections.  But unlike the rest of the population, they run the risk of transmitting these to the fetus via the placenta, which may seriously affect the baby.  Fortunately, pregnant women may already be immune to several types of infections, and those who are not can avail of tested vaccines or antibiotics. They can also take comfort in the knowledge that most babies are not affected by infections contracted by the mother.  However, it would still be wise to take preventive measures in order to lessen the risk of both the mother and the baby getting infected.

Following are some infectious diseases that may adversely affect the fetus and some suggested preventive measures for avoiding these:

  • Listeria monocytogenes – Listeria is a type of bacteria that can be found in uncooked meat and vegetables, processed foods, and unpasteurized milk.  Transmission of the bacteria to the fetus may cause infection, premature birth, miscarriage, or stillbirth.  This can be prevented by cooking food very well, avoiding processed food and unpasteurized milk, and by practicing safe food handling.  Once contracted though, it is treatable with antibiotics.

How to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy


Category : Healthy Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Symptoms of Pregnancy, Things to Avoid While Pregnant

From the moment a baby is conceived up to the time it comes out into the world, it is the mother’s foremost responsibility to make sure that the baby stays in the best of health.  And this can only be done if the mother herself stays healthy during her pregnancy.

Following is a list of things that a pregnant woman can do to achieve this:

1.  Eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids.

  • A pregnant woman’s diet should include plenty of fruits, vegetables, food rich in fiber, carbohydrates, and protein. She should avoid foods rich in sugar, salt and fats.
  • She should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day in order to prevent constipation and dehydration. Soup, milk, and fruit juice are also recommended.
  • When hungry, she can munch on healthy snacks like rice crackers, fresh fruit or fruit smoothies, cereal, and yogurt.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks: A Far Stretch From The Truth


Category : Pregnancy Issues, Symptoms of Pregnancy, Things to Avoid While Pregnant

As much as most women love the idea of being pregnant, they also dread some things that unfortunately come with being on the family way such as having unsightly scars like stretch marks.

Stretch marks are fine lines on the body that are usually caused by sudden weight gain, weight loss or an abrupt growth spurt such as the one we experience during puberty.  Our skin is naturally elastic but over-stretching of our dermis disrupts the normal production of collagen,  resulting in off-color tears that may fade after some time but may not completely disappear.

For pregnant women, this usually appears around the sixth month of pregnancy or even later, depending on how fast and how big the baby is growing.   Hormonal changes during this period also contribute to the appearance of stretch marks.

Some women are lucky enough to have little or no stretch marks at all.  They have no problem wearing a bikini even after having two or more children.  But for the rest of us, who unfortunately have the kind of skin that’s just not elastic enough, there is no escaping it.

Pregnancy And Stress: Not The Perfect Combination


Category : Pregnancy, Pregnancy Issues, Symptoms of Pregnancy, Things to Avoid While Pregnant

Stress is our reaction to life’s pressures and to the daily demands that life dishes out to us.  It is an unfortunate consequence of living, whether the source of stress stems from an unpleasant situation such as losing a loved one or a wholly positive event such as getting a promotion.  It is unavoidable.  Everyone experiences stress, whether you are preschooler playing with friends, an adolescent going out on a first date, a bride looking forward to the wedding, a middle-aged couple celebrating their twentieth anniversary, or even a baby that has not even been born.

Stress in Pregnancy

The potency of stress is such that it can intrude on even the most idyllic of pregnancies.   Mothers-to-be are not exempt from this unpleasant reality.  Neither are innocent defenseless babies even when they are still supposed to be within the safe and warm sanctuary of their mothers’ wombs.  Unfortunately, no one is unaffected by this most compelling of forces known as stress.

Harmful for the Mother-to-be

Experiencing stress while pregnant, however, can have far greater consequences on both the mother and the unborn baby than what is typically encountered by other individuals.  The mother-to-be who is subject to high levels of stress can expect to suffer from:

  •  increased heart rate
  •  increased blood pressure
  •  the experience of chronic anxiety